2018 HackForChange Project - Chuck Thomas

I will be entering the following project into the 2018 Austin Hack for Change. It is a suite of mobile apps and ArcGIS solutions intended to address homelessness services and activities in Austin. Click on the screen pics below to open the apps themselves. There is also a 1 min into to the project at the bottom of the page

1. The main app is the Austin Services Finder is a mobile map app that enables the user to find appropriate social services nearby using their mobile device's GPS. http://AustinServicesfinder.site
2. The Homelessness Activity Reporter: is an online survery tool that enables the user to report and take a geo-loacted picture of homeless activities with their phone that then reports back to the apps dashboard (see below)

3. The Homeless Activity Dashboardfor administration of the data colleted by the approprite entity. Click on the image below to open the app pictured. Click on the title on the bottom to open a description page for each app.

Support these apps by buying here: